a) Breakfast Cataclysm

A part of where you're going will never leave your past
The last song I'll be knowing might reach your heart at last
Smothered in surmise your homochiral voice
A century forgotten, a Moebius strip of choice

I wondered through your love, I wondered where the sun can't go
I found out about your loss, I found out what you do not know

In the souls of your fires I was born to be blind

Damp last stands with hifi warcries
Gristly treason's nubile smiles
A niggling kiss for compensation
Junkfood hugs of compromise

Happy end of all forevers
Mutual blanks with bleary eyes
Caught in low-carb revelations
PG16 dramatized

Through your bloodshot eyes one last woe
Hold me like a star
(Right on the wall, all of this is gone)

Schroedinger's cat in need of a vet
Fuzzy logic dependencies
Pinstriped dreams
Wildcard schemes

Plughole ascention, burnout detention
Globalized passion in-mufti possession
Mirrored down in the blink of an eye of the needle
that stings through your sighs

Let me tell you about...
Jaywalk suspension, jetlagged aggression
Daydream attention, callgirls compassion
Just hold on tight to the thought that just someday you might
(turn the tide, see the light, end the strife, walk the line?)

Highspeed hustings chores
Wholesale widescreen bore
Myspace tubestream whore
Worldview carnivore
Watch, want, buy, adore
Rotten to the centre of the core

b) Borrowed Time

And so the dragon died
All kingdoms pacified
So little time

But they're not listening anymore
Algernoning life like stardust on your floor

c) The End of a World

Dream of the cold
The silence of the ages
But hold on: Life remembers you

It's not regret
It's just a heartfelt memory
That keeps you up
A candlelight to hush

But sail above the chaos, dreamstate instigator

Pumpgun aphorisms chastened in decay
Lies like alabaster, meds to make you faster
Procaine redemption plans

And so we'd say goodbye to all we had
And so we'd change our lives and turn our backs

So I bathe in boredom, the pitting rust of brilliance
Thoughtscape aneurism, ornamental pain
The solemn face of kindness fastening my seatbelts
Autobahning lifeline aims

And then it hit me all at once
The hijacked dream of childhood
Cancelling my last dance

Plagiarized rejection, masterplans of mayhem
Isolationistic peace
A lovesong in a morsecode, subjugated rainbow
Playwright masturbation, burnout suffocation

And so we said goodbye to all we had
And so we burned our lives and tore the shred
Tear it out, scratch it sore, rip it off, burn the core
I will never want you

Claimform wizards lounging through the mornings
Early symptom subsidies apply
Turning over pages, leaving blanks inside our silences
Thumbing through the teardrops of last night

Early mornings baptized in spilled coffee
Toothbrush paces metronoming light
Dream of the cold
The silence of the ages
Our peaces to hold to find out who cares less

(We're out of teaspoons, go buy some bread
Get out the garbage, tidy the shed)
And so we'd say goodbye...

After all it's all hide and seek, refining our smiles to avoid the guilt
in this soundless massacre
Tonight's shadowplay mocks the words of the day
Your smalltalk gambits accusing me
My remote control habits muting you
Garotting you like the sidekick you are
Stealing your breath to avoid my own
Raping you behind my eyes
Where the sun and the moon are but camera spots
to unveil your secrets and spoil your dreams
as closeup sideshows of flesh and blood

And now your kindness burns a hole into this anarchy
The bonfire that we earned, bereaved beyond all tragedy
So little time to modify the ache that we required
So deaf, so blind - the chillblades on the ashes of the fires

Lost in a lullaby of borrowed time
We know not what we do
Like smalltown children stumbling through the city lights
Like seeds before the rew
So little time to overcome our paramount desires
No fears, no strives - and afterglow of teardrop-laden smiles

And the love that you felt... so unforgiven
Seize the world going round like foodchain dropouts
They're only after me (get out of the way!)
Dream of the cold...
I'm going north just to breathe
Please let me breathe