a) Bedhalf Exiles

And now that you love me I'm nothing but bored
Like a toll-free lifeline when tv runs short
Decaffeinated creeds defying mortality
lo-cal romantics dreaming of dreams

Adjacent eternities exuding solutions
For self-acclaimed problems too frail to occur
The joints of our smalltalk croaking with yawns
In flea-ridden mantras to bury the core

Your teamspeak voice blocks my iPod driver
My unrehearsed aggression rips your Facebook daydreams
Rejecting cookies
With feuilleton firewalls

Breakfast roleplay
My laptop altar
Twittered in gold

A scream on a muted line
The echoes of 2nd life crimes
Cheats and walkthroughs

Hoarded lifepoints
Download junkie
All-button mode hero
Resident child

A lightbulb halo on your hairsprayed wisdom
Sophistic agenda in muzak rhymes
We heard it all come tumbling down
(Don't say you never listened)
With highbrow backslash lovesong frowns
(All that is brass-tacks does glisten)

The crackles inside your tin can brain
(The crackles scorn me)
The gurgles from down our high gloss drain
(The gurgles formed me)
They whisper you went tumbling down
(Don't say you never listened)
A heather hornbeam rock rose clown
(All that is gold does not glisten)

We rummage in our cage (like disturbed bloodflow)
Heaving down the rage (of tattoed gore)
Love all that remains (your chiptray smiles)
A wolf without the gate (the splinter in our eyes)

A nightsky of long-forgotten colours (like grey on gray)

is opening our hearts (for some redefined, yet irrelevant)
high hope fundamentals like guile, deceit and grieve
Oh could we just let it be

And live the life that scares us (so fragile in our minds)
In uppercut precision (in semi-proofread lines)
Be careful what you long for (the undiscovered lie)
A lich of style and comfort (a song is all but safe)

Save our souls
Dismantle our bright-eyed hopes
And promise to break our hearts
For none of our oaths could last
With UHT smiles and tamper-proof lies
Remind us of all that we thought lay behind
Dare us to save our souls

The outskirts of wood veneer perfection
Detoxicated grease
Asbestos in the walls of your silence
Asphyxiated needs

We stuffed the gaps with nothing
we got a lifelong guarantee
not even nihilism understands me
Too bashful to listen

Save our souls
And guard all the doors we closed
And promise to stake our hearts
Lest one of our oaths could last
Cross out the starlight and rip off the sun
Squeeze out the marrow of all that we've done
Help us to save our souls

And though I know
The colours left our lives
And all we'll be
Is bedhalf exiles' prides
An eye for an eye
The carnage of kiss
We will never be free again
From the lifetimes we missed

So save our souls...
save our souls

I crave for the moonlight to open your eyelids
Drift through the memory of breathing your heartbeats
Long for the comfort that speaks through your touches